Going Green in Colorado

Going Green

I know most of my posts associated with Polished Printing have to do with editing and publishing, but today we’re taking a little run in outfield. We’re talking about GOING GREEN! First of all, I now live in Colorado and if you know anything about Colorado then you may think healthy people, perhaps hippies, granola, trail mix, healthy health stuff, and lots and lots of exercising outdoors.

Yes, when we moved to Colorado that is what we thought too! In fact, we were told “all those folks up there are a bunch of granola eating hippies.” Now that we’ve been living here for nearly a year, we’re using organic cleaning supplies (thanks Mom for supplying us with Shaklee), organic deodorant, organic shampoo, organic conditioner, and we’re outside all the time biking, running, and walking Miss Belle (our yellow lab).  What else? I’ve started experimenting with Green Smoothies: strawberries, bananas, spinach, kale, and flax seed… yum yum yummmm! Also, we’ve started using oils as our air freshener to scent the apartment instead of candles or toxic air sprays.

In addition to trying to keep the indoors natural, we’re trying to grow our own food outside! Okay… not a bunch of food until we actually have a real garden that we can plant in but we’re growing herbs outside on our patio of the apartment 🙂 wahoo! It’s a start, right? Now it’s time to start limiting the trash flow and probably using less water, using less electricity, and the list goes on… it’s a start though.

Love getting healthier in Colorado!

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