Pay It Forward

Late August 2012, we were wrapping up a job in Oklahoma and headed back to our apartment three hours from the location of where we were staying for James’s job. We were at a gas station filling up my car and discussing where we could stop to get some cash for the tolls that we would pass headed back to Tulsa. It was 9 or 10 o’clock at night, so our places to stop that would be open were limited.

On the other side of our gas pump, a lady maybe in her 40s was filling up her SUV and had apparently overheard our conversation. She stepped around the gas pump and handed us a $20 bill saying that we would need it because there were numerous tolls we’d pass. Completely blown away and awestruck, James told the lady that was awfully kind but we couldn’t take her money. She insisted we did and said don’t thank her, but thank the Lord.


After we finished filling up the car, we were on the road again headed to Tulsa, talking to each other about the amazing blessing the lady had just done for us. We pulled into the first toll and handed the tenant the crispy $20 bill, but the man in the booth said, “Do you all know the woman ahead of you all in an SUV? She said that a couple and a dog in an SUV would be behind her and she went ahead and paid the toll for you.”

Again a feeling of extreme gratitude overcame both of us. This lady had not only paid the first toll for us, but she had paid for the second and third toll for us as well. In the spirit of generosity, pay it forward to a stranger.

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