Denver Publishing Institute


I’ve been accepted into the graduate program at the University of Denver Publishing Institute to gain insight on the many aspects of book publishing: editorial, marketing, publicity, literary agencies, design, finance, copyright law, book selling… (and I’m sure so much more to learn!) 95 graduates accepted to DPI for the four-week course will hear from speakers from across the country lead lectures and impart their wisdom. I’m hoping that DPI will not only open my eyes to the aspects of the book industry that are beyond my knowledge, but I hope that it will further Polished Printing’s success.

I look forward to posting my literary adventures along with the knowledge gained from professionals in the Publishing Industry. In addition, I’ll be networking one-on-one with these various publishing professionals and sitting in on lectures from some of the top publishers in the country: McGraw-Hill, Random House, HarperCollins. I look forward to sharing my DPI experience with you!

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